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ELRA End-User Agreement

Within this Agreement, END-USER is engaged in bona fide language engineering research activities. END-USER is not permitted to distribute and market any derivative product or service based on all or a substantial part of the Language Resources.
  • Implicit versus Explicit
  • Explicit
  • Use Type
  • For internal purpose
  • For research purpose
  • For evaluation
  • Production of Derivative Works
  • As a derived resource
  • As a derived technology
  • Attribution or Acknowledgment of Ownership
  • Licensors get the credit for the resource
  • Irrevocable
  • License can be revoked
  • Perpetual
  • As long as applicable copyright lasts
  • Other
  • Obligation to monitor distributions (users), vis-à-vis suppliers
  • Choice of a jurisdiction
  • Distribution of Derivative Works
  • Is not allowed
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